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Dr Alex Casson is a Reader (Associate Professor) in the Materials, Devices and Systems division of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Manchester. His research focuses on non-invasive bioelectronics interfaces: the design and application of wearable sensors, and 'conformal sensors', for human body monitoring and data analysis from highly artefact prone naturalistic situations. This work is highly multi-disciplinary and he has research expertise in:

  • Ultra low power microelectronic circuit design (at the discrete and fully custom microchip levels).
  • Sensor signal processing for power constrained motion artefact rich environments.
  • Personalised device manufacture using 3D printing and inkjet printing.

He has particular interests in precision devices for closed loop bioelectronic interventions: those which are tailored to the individual by personalised manufacturing via printing; and tailored interventions by adjusting treatments using data driven responses/outputs from real-time signal processing. Dr Casson’s ultra low power sensors work is mainly for medical applications, with a strong background in EEG and transcranial current stimulation. These applications focus on both mental health situations including epilepsy, sleep disorders, stroke, Parkinson's disease and autism, and physical health/rehabilitation applications including diabetic foot ulceration.

Dr Casson gained his undergraduate degree from the University of Oxford in 2006 where he read Engineering Science specialising in Electronic Engineering (MEng). He completed his PhD from Imperial College London in 2010, winning the prize for best doctoral thesis in electrical and electronic engineering. Dr Casson worked as a research associate and research fellow at Imperial College until 2013 when he joined the faculty at the University of Manchester. He is good clinical practice certified and is a site miner for the Manchester Integrating Medicine and Innovative Technology (MIMIT) scheme for systematically connecting clinicians and engineers to address unmet clinical needs. Dr Casson is currently a Senior Member of the IEEE, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and vice-chair of the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s healthcare technologies network.

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