Dr Samantha Hardman

Senior Experimental Officer

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Samantha is the senior experimental officer in charge of the ultrafast biophysics facility in the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology. Samantha has significant experience of both using and maintaining a number of ultrafast amplifier laser systems, and has designed and built, as well as performed numerous experiments with, ultrafast transient absorption spectrometers for both the visible and infra-red spectral regions. These techniques and instruments were used to investigate the properties of biological, organic, and inorganic samples. She has also studied the time-resolved fluorescence properties of these samples using ultrafast fluorescence up-conversion and TCSPC techniques. Samantha also has some expertise in X-ray photoemission spectroscopy and assisted in the first ever UK synchronisation of laser and synchrotron radiation for pump-probe experiments. Having performed extensive ab initio and molecular dynamics calculations during her PhD she has an excellent understanding of the theory behind excited state processes.

External positions

PhD Student, Birkbeck, University of London

1 Oct 200430 Sep 2007

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