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Brian Saunders obtained his PhD at Monash University (Australia) in 1994 and worked as a post-doc with Prof. Brian Vincent at the University of Bristol between 1994 and 1997. He is a Professor of Polymer and Colloid Chemistry at the School of Materials, University of Manchester. His research career at Manchester began in 2002 and involves the application of polymer and colloid chemistry principles to healthcare and solar energy research. He has an international reputation for microgel (MG) research and published his first MG paper in 1996. MGs are pre-assembled sub-micrometre gel particles. A highlight of his healthcare research is a new method for constructing gels using pre-assembled sub-micrometer microgel particles. He has more than 150 peer-reviewed publications and is the corresponding author for 75% of them. Of those papers, more than 80 involve polymer colloids and more than 50 involve MGs. He also has more than 20 publications involving conjugated polymers and / or light harvesting particles for solar applications, which now includes perovskite solar cells. He is co-founder and scientific director of a University of Manchester spin-out, Gelexir Healthcare (now Gelmetix). He is also an EPSRC Established Career Fellow. For prospective PhD students see the Research and Projects as well as the Opportunities pages.

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  • Biomaterials, Solar energy using photovoltaics, Polymers and Colloids

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